WinDiag was developed to demonstrate the power of real-time analytical processing embedded into a Clear Sight Analytics’ Decision Support solution.

WinDiag addresses the problem that conservative estimates indicate that over 17% of initial diagnoses in many clinician practice venues are incorrect and therefore result in unnecessary testing, additional avoidable provider visits, unnecessary drug costs and other undesirable cost and quality of care impacts.  This application solution was developed to demonstrate how real-time analytics driven by advanced decision support technologies can support quicker, more accurate and cost effective decisions at the point-of-service.

WinDiag was designed to answer THE specific questions needed to DECIDE…

Target bullit 36 What is the Most Likely Diagnosis Based on the Data?  How Likely is It To be the Correct Diagnosis?    A dynamic list of “the diagnoses most likely to be correct” is shown in order of the probability of being correct.   The list of diagnoses and probabilities is updated continuously as data is entered into the EMR (in the presence of the patient) and/or as data flows in from other information systems.

Target bullit 36 What Should I Ask The Patient to Confirm or Reject the Most Likely Diagnosis That is Being Suggested?   The Clinician may, at any point, click on a button to obtain the next best question to ask the patient (or avenue to investigate) so as to improve the accuracy of the diagnoses being presented as “most likely”.

Target bullit 36 What Diagnostic Test would most definitively Rule-in OR Rule-out the Diagnosis Suggested?   The Clinician may, at any point, click a button to determine which factors, tests or patient answers to questions would rule-in or rule-out the diagnosis most likely to be correct.

Target bullit 36 Which Are the Costs of Tests and/or Interventions That Are Equally Effective in Ruling-in or ruling-out a particular diagnosis?  This provides clinicians with direct support in making both clinically and cost effective decisions.

The current version of WinDiag  incorporates Dynamic Neural Networking techniques and a proprietary interface designed to optimize physician efficiency and adoption.  The application was developed using physician input on over 4,400 clinical findings (such as medical history, symptoms, physician signs, and lab test results) to describe and profile over 600 diseases with a focus on conditions commonly misdiagnosed.

The software can currently be licensed as a single-user or cloud-based solution.  Its modular, plug-and-play design and copyrighted natural GUI interface allows it to be easily integrated into suitable clinical information system environments such as the EMRs in EDs, Ambulatory Clinics and teaching environments. It is currently being developed for hand-held devices.  It is being further developed for integration with Evidence-Based-Medicine products focused on decision support in the form of summarized research.  Our solution can be deployed as a pop-up window within an existing clinical application or to existing Dashboard-Drill Down Reporting tools.


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